Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual or Angel Card readings, Home Energy Clearing


Spiritual Readings


I am a medium who connects with Spirit to provide messages from your Loved Ones on the Other Side, Angels, and Spirit Guides. These messages help you heal old wounds, overcome your past, re-imagine your life (or reinforce you are on the right track), and finally understand your true path and purpose in this world. 

The messages will help free you from past issues and light a path to your future. You will be on the path to becoming a lighter, brighter, happier and more authentic self.

I believe in honesty and will relay to you exactly what your angels and guides are telling me and showing me. The purpose of these readings is for you to receive truth, guidance and enlightenment. 

Your Angels and Spirit Guides are here to lovingly help you and guide you with your best interest at heart. They are with you all the time and know your situation intimately.  They know what is ahead for you, what you can expect in the future, why certain people are in your life and what they will mean to you, what habits or actions are blocking you from reaching your highest potential, where your gifts are and how you can best apply them, what to look forward to, and much, much more. They answer your questions and share their information in the reading.

Spiritual Readings are 1 hour and can be in Person or on the phone. Valid Phone number is REQUIRED when scheduling your appointment

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